Ala-Too International University celebrates the State Language Day

May 31, 2019

With the beginning of the new academic year, Ala-Too International University celebrated the 29th anniversary of the adoption of the state language. Not only students, but also faculty and administration of the university took an active part in this holiday. The Nomadic Fair, organized in honor of the state language, was held in the courtyard of the university in accordance with the warm autumn weather and was accompanied by nomadic dishes, national games, songs and dances prepared by students. The general festive mood continued in the Great Hall of the University, where Kyrgyz songs were performed by students and teachers, and talented Kyrgyz singers Jenishbek Jumakadyr, Ayana Kasymova, Nur Cholpon, Jypara Tashtanova and others took the stage. The concert was divided into groups.