Russian Language Olympiad for 11th grades

March 28, 2023

On March 25, 2023, the Interfaculty Department of inter-faculty state disciplines of the Ala-Too International University held an Olympiad in the Russian language for 11th grade students in Bishkek.

The Olympiad was held in 2 rounds - online testing and work on the text. The tasks were prepared according to the sections of the Russian language studied within the school curriculum. In addition, during a small tour of the university, the students received information about admission and discounts on tuition. The participants were active and the winners were the following:

1st place  Alpatskaya Elizaveta Konstantinovna (Harvard International School)

2nd place Nazarbekova Kamilla Rustamovna (UVK SHG № 67)

3rd place – Krasnoslobodtseva Alexandra Leonidovna (AUVK SHG № 6)

3rd place Bobrovsky Igor Sergeevich (Secondary school № 56)

We express our gratitude to the Department of inter-faculty state disciplines of the AIU for organizing an interesting competition!